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Gepostet: 06.12.2018

Dear AVOCAI friends,

From 10.12.2018 - 1.1.2019 we close for renovations and winter holidays.
Thank you very much for spending this amazing first AVOCAI year with us <3

We are looking forward to welcome you on 2.1.2019 at AVOCAI with new look and new food creations.

Love <3

Gepostet: 24.05.2018

Hallo Freunde des gesunden Lifestyles,

Für die Unterstützung unseres Teams in Berlin Mitte suchen wir

Mitarbeiter in Voll- und Teilzeit mit Gastro-Erfahrung.

Wir sind AVOCAI - eine Kombination aus Food und Pilates Studio. Es ist der Ort für den wirklich gesunden, ausgewogenen kulinarischen Ge...

Gepostet: 26.03.2018

Dear AVOCAI friends 💚 From the 1. April 2018 we will change our food studio opening hours: We - Sa, 9-19 and Su 9-16. On Monday and Tuesday the restaurant is closed but you can still join us for classes, workshops and nutritious post workout snacks💚

Dear AVOCAI friends,

We will close from 17.12. - 27.12.2017 for the special redecoration and interior changes at our loved AVOCAI. We look forward to the results and to meeting you soon again.

Best regards and a wonderful Christmas Days for you.

Your AVOCAI team


Welcome to AVOCAI - food and pilates studio in Berlin Mitte. 

AVOCAI is authentic holistic lifestyle concept. It’s not only about enjoying healthy food or doing pilates. It’s a combination of the day restaurant and training methods like pilates, yoga, gyrokinesis. 

Since 10 - 06 - 2017 AVOCAI offers a place for interesting workshops and meetings, enjoyment and awareness.  
Our international team welcomes you to feel yourself: be relaxed, happy, balanced, authentic, beautiful, powerful, healthy and loved.  

From We - Sa 9 - 19:00 and Sun 9 - 16:00 we are serving you delicious food creations in Paleo Style, inspired by Russian and Asian kitchen. Our ingredients are mostly organic and self-made. On our menu you can find for example paleo slim eggs, paleo buckwheat pancakes, avocado-acai-bowls, soba noodles, coconut jogurt, Russian tomato salsa, special asian dressings, tea and coffee variations etc. 

Mondays, Tuesdays and in the evenings we offer you special classes, workshops and interesting events.

We are looking forward to meet you soon at AVOCAI.

Best regards

Your AVOCAI Team



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